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     Monolith Services is a facility management company for commercial properties from landscaping to roofing and everything in between.  Technology has become the engine that drives every service program and every 6 months it seems there is an innovative enhancement to that same technology. 


     But look past the platforms and portals and you will see thousands of people working hard to make sure Monolith Services stays relevant in a constantly changing industry. To truly learn what Monolith Services is about, you need to put a name to the faces that make a difference every day.


What does landscaping say about your properties? A comprehensive landscape program provides one consistent image for your properties across Florida.


Looking to approach your handyman services with a more preventative approach? Learn more about why a proactive program can reduce your reactive spend by more than 30%


From routine maintenance to capital projects, a successful Lighting and Electrical Program combines an expertise in the technical side of the service along with a Project Team that can deliver a complete end-to-end solution.



HVAC is an asset-based facility program that reduces costs through strategic break-fix repairs and replacement of your aging equipment, maximizing your existing ROI for each facility


With our multiple project managers in south Florida it allows Monolith to handle any sized project. We are licensed construction and roofing contractors


A National Plumbing Program is more than just plumbing repairs, sewer and drain services and water damage cleanup. If you aren’t talking about cost per ticket and program management, call us today and get the conversation started

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